User domain roles

A user domain role, or just role for brevity, defines what actions a user can perform on Comentario with respect to a specific domain. For example, a user can be an Owner in one domain, but a Commenter in another.

Roles can be assigned in the Domain users section of the Administration UI by domain owners or superusers.

Comentario recognises the following roles.


The Owner role allows a user to fully manage the domain:

  • Edit domain properties and configuration (such as authentication and moderation options);
  • Perform domain-wide actions (such as importing and exporting comments);
  • Delete the domain;
  • Manage and moderate domain-specific content (such as pages and comments);
  • Manage domain users (including assigning roles) and see their email addresses.
  • View domain statistics.


The Moderator role allows a user to moderate all comments in the domain: approve, reject, edit, and delete them.

Moderators cannot see other users’ email addresses, only names.


The Commenter role allows a user to leave comments on domain pages, and edit or delete own comments.

This is the default role for new users registering on a page with comments.


The Read-only role allows a user to read comments, but not to write them. This role is mostly intended for keeping naughty commenters at bay.

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