What is a comment

A comment is, just like domain, a basic building block in Comentario. A comment represents a piece of text, multiple comments are arranged in a tree structure called comment tree.

A comment has the following attributes:

  • Author, a reference to the user who created the comment;
  • Unique ID in the UUID form, e.g. `7a418d0c-603e-4708-a098-19c3606c0a8b;
  • A reference to the parent comment, if it’s a reply;
  • Text in Markdown format;
  • Score, a number that is changed by other users by voting on the comment;
  • Sticky flag, causing the comment to always appear at the top of page. Only applies to root comments;
  • Pending flag, meaning the comment is pending moderator approval;
  • Pending reason, explaining why the comment is pending approval;
  • Approved flag, indicating whether the comment is rejected or approved by a domain moderator. Only approved comments are shown on the page;
  • Deleted flag, marking comments that have been deleted by their author or a domain moderator;
  • Creation time.

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