Migration from Disqus

How to migrate to Comentario from Disqus

Migration to Comentario from Disqus is pretty straightforward.

You just export your data from Disqus, then import the downloaded data dump into Comentario.

Migration steps

1. Back up your data

If you’re importing data into an existing Comentario domain, remember to always make a backup first. Once you’ve done it, make sure it can be restored!

If you will import into a new domain, you can skip this step because you can simply delete that domain should the process go wrong.

2. Request a data export from Disqus

Go to the admin export section in Disqus and click Export Comments. This should start the process of exporting your comments in the background.

As soon as that process is complete, you’ll receive an email from Disqus with a link to a compressed archive of all comments and associated data.

3. Download the data dump

Download the data dump archive using the link from the previous step.

4. Import the data into Comentario

  1. Log into Comentario as a domain owner or a superuser.
  2. Create a new domain, or select an existing one using the Domain selector.
  3. In the sidebar, click Operations and select Import data: you’ll land on the Import data page.
  4. Select Disqus as the source format.
  5. Select the file you downloaded in the previous step.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Once the import is complete, you’ll get an overview with numbers of imported, skipped and failed items.

5. Update your code snippet

Replace the code that embedded Disqus on your pages with Comentario web component code (<comentario-comments>) provided in the Administration console, under Domain propertiesInstallation.

6. Enjoy

If everything worked out fine, you should be able to see the imported comment threads on every relevant page!