Comentario Helm chart parameter description

Comentario Helm chart provides the following configuration parameters.

replicaCountNumber of desired pods. NB: Comentario doesn’t support upscaling to more than 1 pod at the moment1
image.repositoryDocker image registry to download Comentario image
image.pullPolicyImage pull policyAlways
image.tagImage tag to use; either a specific release tag or latest for the latest development buildlatest
imagePullSecretsDocker image registry secret names as an array[]
nameOverrideOverride for the instance name
fullnameOverrideOverride for full name, which is used to create all Kubernetes objects
serviceAccount.createWhether a service account should be createdtrue
serviceAccount.annotationsAnnotations to add to the service account as an object{}
serviceAccount.nameName of the service account to use. If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template
podAnnotationsAdditional pod annotation as an object{}
podSecurityContextPod security context configuration{}
securityContextSecurity context configuration{}
service.typeType of the service objectClusterIP
service.portService port80
ingress.enabledWhether to create ingress objectstrue
ingress.hostHost to install an ingress rule
clusterIssuerName of ClusterIssuer to useletsencrypt-staging
comentario.baseDocsUrlBase documentation URL
comentario.tosUrlURL of the Terms of Service page<comentario.baseDocsUrl>/en/legal/tos/
comentario.privacyPolicyUrlURL of the Privacy Policy page<comentario.baseDocsUrl>/en/legal/privacy/
comentario.homeContentURLURL of a HTML page to display on homepage
comentario.emailFrom‘From’ address in sent
comentario.secretNameName of the Secret object containing Comentario secretscomentario-secrets
comentario.superuserUUID or email of a user to become a superuser
comentario.logFullIPsWhether to log IP addresses in fullfalse
comentario.liveUpdate.enabledWhether Live update is enabledtrue
comentario.liveUpdate.maxClientsMaximum number of Live update WebSocket clients10000
resources.limitsPod resources limit configuration{cpu: 500m, memory: 200Mi}
resources.requestsPod resources request configuration
autoscaling.enabledWhether horizontal autoscaling is enabled. NB: Comentario doesn’t support upscaling to more than 1 pod at the momentfalse
nodeSelectorNode selector configuration{}
tolerationsPod tolerations configuration as an array[]
affinityPod scheduling constraints configuration{}

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