Perspective extension

The Perspective extension uses the Perspective API service for checking comments for spam or toxic content.

The extension supports all available production attributes.


  • Parameters names use camelCased attribute names.
  • If a specific attribute is not mentioned in the configuration, it won’t be requested from the service.
  • A comment will be flagged if any of the thresholds was exceeded.

Consult Perspective docs to learn more about attributes and supported languages.

KeyDescriptionDefault value
apiKeyPerspective API key
toxicityThreshold for flagging a rude, disrespectful, or unreasonable comment.0.5
severeToxicityThreshold for flagging a very hateful, aggressive, disrespectful comment.0.5
identityAttackThreshold for flagging a negative or hateful comment targeting someone because of their identity.0.5
insultThreshold for flagging an insulting, inflammatory, or negative comment towards a person or a group of people.0.5
profanityThreshold for flagging a comment containing swear words, curse words, or other obscene or profane language.0.5
threatThreshold for flagging a comment with an intention to inflict pain, injury, or violence against an individual or group.0.5