Perspective extension

The Perspective extension uses the Perspective API service for checking comments for spam or toxic content.

The extension supports all available production attributes.


Consult Perspective docs to learn more about attributes and supported languages.

KeyDescriptionDefault value
apiKeyPerspective API key
toxicityThreshold for flagging a rude, disrespectful, or unreasonable comment.0.5
severeToxicityThreshold for flagging a very hateful, aggressive, disrespectful comment.0.5
identityAttackThreshold for flagging a negative or hateful comment targeting someone because of their identity.0.5
insultThreshold for flagging an insulting, inflammatory, or negative comment towards a person or a group of people.0.5
profanityThreshold for flagging a comment containing swear words, curse words, or other obscene or profane language.0.5
threatThreshold for flagging a comment with an intention to inflict pain, injury, or violence against an individual or group.0.5