Embedded comments

Comentario features when embedding on other websites

Comentario’s embedded comment engine allows to render a comment thread (tree), and each page it’s embedded on has its own comment tree.

  • Comments can have children — which we call replies. Child comments can also be collapsed with a button.
  • Comment text can be formatted using the Markdown syntax: you can make words bold, insert images and links, and so on.
  • Comment thread uses mobile-first responsive design, which adapts well to different screen sizes.
  • Comments can be edited and deleted.
  • Other users can vote on comments they like or dislike (unless disabled). Voting is reflected in the comment score.
Example of comment tree on a web page.
Example of comment tree on a web page.
  • There’s a variety of login options available for commenters; there’s also an option to write a comment without logging in (with an optional name), should the site owner enable it for this specific domain.
  • Users can upload their own avatars, or opt to use images from Gravatar.