What’s so special about Comentario?

From the end-user perspective, Comentario consists of two parts: the embedded comment engine and the Administration UI (we also call it the frontend).

Embedded comments

Comentario’s embedded comment engine allows to render a comment thread (tree), and each page it’s embedded on has its own comment tree.

Example of comment tree on a web page.
Example of comment tree on a web page.

There’s a variety of login options available for commenters; there’s also an option to write a comment anonymously, should the site owner enable it for this specific domain.

Administration UI

The Administration UI is an extensive web application that allows users to perform all kinds of administrative tasks, moderate comments, view statistics, etc.

There’s also the Profile section, where users can edit their profile, change their password, or upload a custom avatar. It also allows users to delete their account.

The functionality available in the Administration UI depends on user roles and includes: